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Selling Your Aircraft Through Global Jet Aviation Means Effective Marketing for Optimum Return

Global Jet Aviation’s marketing expertise speeds your search for the right buyer for your aircraft. We create a sales presentation for your aircraft and market it through world-wide sales publications that specialize in corporate aircraft. Your aircraft’s availability reaches corporate executives, pilots and other aviation professionals throughout the world.

Once your aircraft is listed with Global Jet Aviation, we notify our network of personal contacts throughout the United States and around the world. These professionals, in corporate aviation sales, follow aircraft transactions on a daily basis and can quickly identify a potential buyer.

We market your aircraft worldwide through multiple trade publications, industry websites, broker listing services and broadcast email. All marketing and advertising costs associated with the sale of your aircraft are paid by Global Jet Aviation.

We assist you with all details of the sale, negotiating the contract, monitoring the pre-purchase inspection, preparation of required FAA closing documents, along with coordinating with the Title Company to have a timely and successfully closing and delivery.

We also have the financial capability to accept aircraft in trade, a transaction which can offer substantial tax advantages.


Select from Corporate Aircraft Throughout the World

Through Internet listing sites and close personal contacts with individuals throughout the world, Global Jet Aviation stays abreast of all corporate aircraft activity. Because of our contacts, we are able to obtain timely information about procurable aircraft in the United States and around the world.

This is a benefit to you because you are given detailed, timely information about aircraft initially offered. You are assisted by us in evaluating this information. And, because we are constantly surveying the aircraft market, we are able to tell you which aircraft are priced to reflect their true value. Consequently, you acquire the best aircraft suited to your needs at the lowest possible price.

In addition, under certain circumstances, Global Jet Aviation is in a position to take your aircraft on trade.

Financing, Insurance, Leasing & Forming a Corporation for Your Aircraft

Should you need assistance in financing your aircraft, we will help arrange the process. You can select a lending institution you have worked with in the past, or we can introduce you to banks and lending institutions that specialize in aircraft financing. These institutions are familiar with the current market and understand the financial requirements in a corporate aircraft purchase.

Insurance coverage can be arranged through companies that specialize in corporate aviation. We work with these professionals to help you secure the right coverage at the best price.

Leasing your aircraft can offer many advantages. A lease can provide a public corporation the opportunity to maintain and have access to an aircraft while keeping it off the balance sheet. Also, a lease may be a way to enjoy an aircraft on an interim basis, such as a special sales project or when another aircraft is down for inspection. Your lease can be arranged on a short or long term basis to suit your needs. Global Jet Aviation will help you examine the advantages and disadvantages of leasing to see if this means of ownership is right for you.

Some aircraft owners prefer to form a separate corporation for the aircraft purchased. Global Jet Aviation can guide you to Jackson Adams P.C. Lawyers who are knowledgeable in this area. Visit Their Website

In the event, a client is interested in a tax deferred 1031 Like Kind-Exchange, we can recommend a Qualified Intermediary and coordinate with them in all contracts and documentation.

For our International clients, we can refer you to Adams Aviation Services, Inc for trust registration of foreign owned aircraft, meeting all FAA requirements to operate registered foreign owned aircraft. Visit Their Website


With Global Jet Aviation, You Fly with Experience

In today’s expanding world of corporate flight, Global Jet Aviation sets the standard for professional aircraft sales and consulting. Drawing on our up-to-date knowledge of available aircraft throughout the world, we locate the model of aircraft that will serve you best. We guide you safely through the complex details of ownership history, operating costs, performance data, mandatory FAA inspections and title transfer -- in short, every important feature of aircraft sales negotiation.

As corporate aviation consultants, we can advise you on any aspect of aircraft acquisitions, sales or maintenance. We help you with crew selection and training, aircraft financing, instrumentation upgrades, leasing arrangements -- anything in the world of corporate aviation.

Pre-Buy Evaluations

Expert Aircraft Inspection Ensures Quality & Value

One of your main concerns in purchasing an airplane is airworthiness. All aircraft sold by Global Jet Aviation are given extensive pre-purchase inspections by an FAA-licensed facility. While the aircraft you have selected is undergoing inspection, we monitor this process for thoroughness in examination and accuracy in any repairs deemed necessary for airworthiness. Log books are researched and mandatory FAA inspections are called to your attention. If necessary, we can recommend an FAA licensed A&P mechanic to oversee the inspections and repairs.


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